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City of Chicago licenses RiskManagerPro to improve Enterprise Risk Management.

AbbVie, Inc.  licenses RiskManagerPro to improve client communications
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Features & Benefits

Key Features

RiskManagerPro™ includes a series of 14 inter-operable modules. Each module allows for the administrator to activate or suspend access to/usage of. Key modules include the following:

  • Policy & Program Information (Historical Policies, Endorsements, Audits, Premium Allocation)
  • Global Location/Building Profiles and online COPE (with Valuations)
  • Employee & Key Contact Profiles and related Payroll/Job Classification Tracking
  • Driver and Vehicle Recordkeeping and Reporting (Fleet Management)
  • Editable Occupational Health, Safety & OSHA Training/Certification Tracking (over 70 courses)
  • Risk & Hazard Impact Analysis, Financial Risk (Business Impact Analysis) & Heat Mapping
  • Online Business Continuity Planning (Enterprise and Location specific)
  • Safety (Property & Casualty) Assessments and Grading (Score-carding) for each Location
  • Interactive Disaster Planning & Mitigation Tips (over 50 plans available for edit)
  • Online Incidents & Claims Reporting for WC, Property, GL & Auto with related analysis (RMIS)
  • Online OSHA Recording, Recordkeeping and 300/301 and 300A log generation
  • Risk Management Projects tracking and task assignments
  • Supplier and Vendor Tracking (insurance, key contacts, and online notifiers of activity to key recipients)
  • Certificate of Insurance and Bond requests and tracking per location/job site/etc.

Key Benefits

For Risk Managers & Legal Counsels

For Carriers & TPAs

For Brokers & Agents

Easy to install, access and maintain (both internal and externally) to ensure Enterprise Risk Management

Improves information access to manage current-prospective litigation

Improves renewal process and renewal continuity (instead of moving to other carriers and/or brokers)

Reduces related insurance premiums via lower claims reporting times and improved information to improve underwriting and mitigation

Reduces costs to hire injured worker replacements


Provides on-demand safety training, testing to reduce claim situations

Identifies cost drivers to prioritize and manage cost control efforts

Reduces redundant labor and broker/consultant fees/TPA fees



Improves underwriting compliance


Reduces related litigation and settlement fees



Assists in compliance with COSO ERM and Sarbox requirements


Assists in compliance with multiple OSHA standards


NFPA 1600 Standard compliant


Measures cost trends so you can focus more on high-impact areas

Identifies, captures and maintains key best practices and lessons learned

Reduces phone/fax direct costs and reliance on manual tasks

Provides timely feedback to improve decision making by management on an enterprise wide level

24/7 Access (Remote and Local)

ROI SAMPLES (Click each one)

ROI for Insureds

ROI for Carriers

ROI for Brokers

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